Hi I’m Cat, a sci-fi/fantasy and contemporary romance author. My books feature exotic, richly developed worlds and distinctive characters with extraordinary abilities I’m convinced you’ll either love or love to hate.

The Celestian Wars

Beyond the Veil, the first book in my new Celestian Wars series, is currently out on query. 

Modern Day Romance

When I’m not writing sci-fi/fantasy, I’m rather partial to a spot of romance in the real world – and if it makes me laugh, I love it all the more. If this is your jam, why not check out Dangerous Games and other current works I have in the pipeline.

CANDo Life

Stuffed full of CANDo get-up and go-go, I’m sometimes distracted by a group of little beasties I created called the Inner Imps.  Inner Imps are the voices in your head that convince you whether you can, or can’t do something.  If you’re looking at ways to master your Self-Discipline or kick your inner Doubt into touch, then this is the place for you.